10.03-30.06.2020 - Completing the webinars campaign with 243 teachers in 30 counties of Romania attending 20 webinars

 Weninars coverage map 2.png

Between 10th of March and the 30 of June 2020, Terre des hommes Foundation Romania organized 20 webinars on topics related to Roma ethnicity, anti-discrimination and school performance, inclusive and interactive methods in educational contexts.

The 20 webinars were attended by 243 persons. Many of them attended multiple webinars, leading to a number of 706 participations. with an average of 2,90 participations / unique participant. 97 participants attended only one webinar and 8 participants attended more than 10 webinars out of the 20 organised. 162 of them come from 30 counties of Romania and 81 from Bucharest, 14 are men and 229 women. The participants are teachers in kindergartens (10%), in primary and secondary schools (59%), in high schools (13%), but also school inspectors and NGOs’ representatives.

They had the opportunity to listen to the short speeches of experts and to ask questions on topics of interest. They also got involved in a "best practices exchange", sharing experiences and ideas. The main topics discussed were:

Topic 1) Sensitisation to Roma culture and social organisation;

Topic 2) Elements of national and EU anti-discrimination legislation;

Topic 3) Adapted working methods for Roma children and a particular focus on Roma girls;

Topic 4) Strategies of involving the parents in the education process.


The feedback provided by participants demonstrate a high interest on the webinars and the high impact of the campaign.

98% of the participants feel that participating to the webinars improved their knowledge on anti-discrimination.

92% of the participants feel that participating to the webinars improved their knowledge related to Roma ethnicity.


Based on the webinars campaign, a synthetic movie was created with subtitles in 7 languages: English, Romanian, French, Spanish, Albanian, Bulgarian, Croatian.

Thus, the webinars may contribute to non-disruptive and non-disciminatory education of Roma children on an international scale.