10-11 of January 2019 - Kick-off meeting for the project MISTO AVILEAN! in Bucharest, Romania

kick off
Terre des hommes Foundation

The Kick-off meeting for the launch of the MISTO AVILEAN! project took place on the 10-11 of January 2019 in Bucharest. MISTO AVILEAN (in Romani, Welcome) is the project that aims to facilitate cooperation between schools from Romania, France and Spain, in order to ensure the continuity in school integration for Roma children on the move. The objective is to link 40 schools in Romania, France and Spain.

The participants at the meeting were representatives of the four partners in the project: Fundacion Secretariado Gitano (Spain), AFEJI (France), Terre des hommes Romania and Hungary.

At this meeting, Kirsten Theuns, Head of Eastern Europe Delegation, Terre des hommes Romania, explained how the project MISTO AVILEAN! fits into the regional direction of Terre des hommes Foundation by focusing on children on the move who are an important target group for the projects in the region.

The general goal of the meeting was to discuss project objective, activities and to establish a timeline.

Participants at the kick-off meeting also gave some information about the current situation of Roma families in their respective countries, and about the educational challenges Roma parents and Roma children face during their migratory process.