Dissemination event with specialists in education held on 21 of September 2020 in Romania

Dissemination event
Terre des hommes Foundation Romania

In Romania, a national level dissemination event was organised on 21st of September 2020 with 52 participants..

The online event was organised in order to present the project, the Transnational Cooperation Mechanism (TCM), to consult and to collect views and opinions of education professionals and practitioners in Romania, relating to the obstacles faced by Roma children on the move and institutional measures to be taken in order to support children and parents in overcoming these obstacles.

The target group invited to this event consisted of education professionals, school principals, county school inspectors specialised in Roma minority and NGO representatives: 32 teachers (kindergarten, primary, secondary), 5 school principals, 4 county school inspectors specialised on minorities, 1 social worker, 10 other participants representing 20 counties out of 41 of Romania.

The main meeting conclusions were:

  • There is a need of creating a platform for information exchange on a child on the move’s educational path;
  • There is a need of adjusting the national procedures to the local specifics – more school autonomy;
  • A need to develop more training sessions for teachers on how to integrate a roma child – diversity trainings.
  • The legislature to be more flexible in order to allow children coming from abroad enroll in schools even after the academic year started - the same goes to the budget allocations for classes and teachers;
  • Creation of a procedure that allows the transfer of credits for the children studying abroad (final grade should take into consideration their academic performance in the other institution);
  • An international transfer procedure should be taken into account in order to be created and implemented and common transcripts’ registers with the abroad schools.