Barriers and obstacles to the successful access and permanence of Roma minors in migration processes in the Spanish educational system, Spain, FSG, December, 2019 (EN/ES)

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Fundación Secretariado Gitano

Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG), December, 2019 (EN/ES)

This document has been drafted in the context of the Project MISTO AVILEAN!, whose main aim is to address the difficulties faced by Roma minors of Romanian origin to continue with their compulsory educational process when migrating with their families within the European Union borders. Specifically, the project is designed to tackle this challenge looking at the situation of the country of origin (Romania) and of two common destination Member States (Spain and France).
To that end, it proposes developing a series of initiatives to open up a route to improved access to and permanence of Roma migrant boys and girls in their educational processes. This transnational collaboration between the organisations Terre des Hommes Romania (TdH Ro), Terre des Hommes Europe (TdH EU), AFEJI France and Fundación Secretariado Gitano (FSG) plans to pursue:

  • A report on the barriers and obstacles faced by Roma migrant pupils and their families in accessing and remaining in the educational system of the destination country.
  • A report on the needs of teachers as regards the education of Roma children in a migration process in the educational system of the destination country.
  • A transnational cooperation mechanism and an exchange platform.
  • A training programme for teachers and professionals in the educational system.
  • An awareness‐raising campaign led by children themselves.
  • Political advocacy to facilitate the schooling of Roma pupils, as well as their permanence and successful completion in the educational system.

A qualitative methodology is proposed to identify the barriers and difficulties to be analysed in the project, to which end focus groups have been organised with Romanian Roma families and minors. Both the Roma migrant pupils and the families selected in Avilés, Badalona, Barcelona, Oviedo and Valencia take part in a number of programmes run by the Fundación Secretariado Gitano across Spain—some specific, designed for Roma families and minors from Eastern Europe, and others targeting Roma families and minors in general, including those coming from other countries. In Oviedo and Valencia, interviews have been held with minors and fathers/mothers.