11 January 2020 - Promotional clip: “Why should we say MISTO AVILEAN to Roma children in every school?” (EN/RO/FR/ES)

Clip Misto avilean - Bogdan - EN-min.png
Terre des hommes Foundation Romania

Within the project MISTO AVILEAN, a promotional clip was designed to promote the school inclusion of Roma children in every school. The clip will be promoted in schools in France and Spain and other European countries, as a message from experts and teachers in Romania to their partners and colleagues in other European countries.

The clip was produced following the training organised by Terre des hommes Foundation within the Programme for the “Teachers capacity building for inclusive, continuous and non-discriminatory education in schools attended by Roma children”, which was carried out on 9-11 of January 2020 in Bucharest, Romania.

The participants in the training spontaneously answered the question:

“Why should we say “Misto avilean!” to every Roma children in any school?”

The answers were not directed or censored and belong entirely to the participants.

We would like the expressions or word combinations used by them not to be detached from the context, and to be understood in the context and in the spirit of the statements, event and the MISTO AVILEAN project.

Terre des hommes Foundation is not responsible for the way the material is used by third parties.

The promotional clip is available with subtitles in Romanian, English, French, Spanish