External resource - "Romani Street View", film and interview with Olivier Pagani

Romani Street View

External resource - "Romani Street View", film by Olivier Pagani - https://vimeo.com/143235003

”Six families from the same village did the same trip. 3000 km, from Romania to my school. We always imagine them on the roads, but they only talk about the one thing that really drives them, to be able to point a small square on the map and say "this is my house"”. 

Author: Olivier Pagani; Category: Documentary movie; Length: 1h 15 min.

Language: FR accessible with FR or EN subtitles (click on the CC button at the lower right of the image)

Credits: (c) Dschubba, Pictanovo (Région Hauts de France), Le Fresnoy (Studio National des Arts Contemporains), 2016.

Photo credit: Romani Street View (2016)

An interview with the author is also available in the Review "diversité" n° 187 | 1er trimestre 2017 ( Canopé - Le réseau de création et d’accompagnement pédagogiques https://www.reseau-canope.fr/notice/diversite-n187-1er-trimestre-2017.html )

Interview with Olivier Pagani (only in French), « La créativité comme un continuum » - https://cdn.reseau-canope.fr/archivage/valid/contenus-associes-entretien-avec-olivier-pagani-N-10412-15112.pdf

Olivier Pagani is teacher and producer. Since 2003, he works with children first-coming in an UPE2A in the Lille metropolis, and he produces creation documentary movies. His last film, Romani Street View 1 makes the collective portrait of former Roma pupils coming from Romania and of their families, all coming from the same village.

The website De Mons au monde, created in 2005 is a collective document that trace the life of pupils of this class : http://demonsaumonde.free.fr

Interview produced by Régis Guyon in November 2016.