Two years ago, one morning, my mother woke me up and said:

- We are leaving for Spain tomorrow! Your father found a job there.

- Are we also taking Alin with us? He's only two years old.

- Yes. Grandma's too sick to take care of him. She can barely bear it with your five cousins.

- What about my dog, Gigi? It's my best friend and it is very quiet.

- Come on! Are you crazy? We'll take some clothes and that's all! We will see how to handle it there!

- I need to talk with my class master! She told me to go to the athletics contest on Saturday. She told me that I'm the best and I might win a prize

- We don't have time for nonsense. We're leaving tomorrow. You stay at home and take care of Alin until I go to my sister-in-law to ask her to feed the chickens while we're away! We'll do the luggage when I come back!

- But … mom, the class master really likes me!

- Enough! The school doesn't make money! Don't upset me … See? Now your brother has started crying! Give him some food.

Ever since I could remember, I had never left the big street, where the school was. All my friends and enemies lived there. In the spring, … 

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Expected results

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  • A transnational cooperation mechanism linking 40 schools (from Romania, France and Spain).
  • Increased capacity of 570 education professionals to deliver non-disruptive, non-discriminatory education to Roma children in international migration.
  • Increased awareness among education professionals on Roma rights and success stories in education.
  • Successful integration in non-disruptive education for 200 Roma children.